Cocktail Menu

    • draught beer

    • stella artois

      euro lager, belgium
      5.0% abv, lightly malted, hints of grain, semi-sweet finish

    • victory prima pils

      german pilsner, pa
      5.3% abv, strong floral notes, tannic

    • bud light

      light lager, usa
      4.2% abv, undeniably crisp, bone dry finish

    • fransiskaner

      hefe weizen, germany
      5.0% abv, golden body, spicy fruitiness

    • hoegaarden

      hefe weizen, belgium
      5.0% abv, bright citrus, clove, coriander

    • peroni

      pale lager, italy
      4.7% abv, balanced body, sweet grains, tart finish

    • rogue dead guy ale

      maibock, or
      6.5% abv, bready aroma, mildly sweetnotes of honey, toffee

    • guinness

      irish dry stout, ireland
      4.2% abv, dark, rich, creamycoffee-like flavor that lingers

    • chimay red

      belgian dubbel, belgium
      7.0% abv, malty sweetness, hints of apricot slightly bitter finish

    • dogfish head 90min ipa

      imperial ipa, de
      9.0% abv, huge hops, malty backbone notes of citrus, raisins

    • saison dupont

      farmhouse ale, belgium
      6.5% abv, lemon and white pepper notes, solid citrus infused maltiness

    • yuengling

      lager, pa
      4.4% abv, roasted caramel, light bodied earthiness

    • troegs mad elf

      strong ale, pa
      11.0% abv, big, ruby red, and festive! winter ale, strong notes of chocolate cherry, honey

    • stone arrogant bastard

      strong ale, ca
      7.2% abv, hoppiness loaded with pine, citrus, rich caramel nuttiness

    • lagunitas ipa

      ipa, ca
      6.2% abv, subtle citrus characteristics

    • classic cocktails

    • sazerac

      absinthe, rye, sugar, peychauds, lemon

    • negroni

      gin, sweet vermouth, campari, orange

    • aperol spritz

      prosecco, club, aperol, orange

    • dark and stormy

      rum, ginger beer, lime

    • sidecar

      cognac, gran marnier, lemon

    • progressive cocktails

    • sangria

      wine, spices, fruit

    • burnt siena

      bourbon, ruby port, lillet

    • bitter man

      rye, amaro, sweet vermouth, orange bitters

    • bottled beer

    • allagash white

      witbier, me

    • amstel light

      light beer, holland

    • boddingtons

      cream ale, england

    • corona extra

      pale lager, mexico

    • corona light

      light lager, mexico

    • delirium tremens

      belgian ale

    • duvel

      belgian strong ale, belgium

    • heineken

      lager, netherlands

    • mckenzie’s hard cider

      cider, usa

    • menabrea bionda

      euro pale lager, italy

    • miller lite

      pale lager, usa

    • sam smith taddy porter

      porter, england

    • sierra nevada

      pale ale, ca

    • st. pauli girl

      non-alcoholic, germany